Facebook is another media venue in many ways. Our information is linked with search engines, "likes", "shares" and "comments" then compiled and sold to manufacturers, businesses and producers to solicit and target us consumers.

Facebook is also a place where we perpetuate and reciprocate those very ads with "likes", "comments" and "shares". This behavior bleeds into our social life and we live out media propaganda learned through Facebook and other media sources. This mindset has created divide, distrust, dislike and disharmony. People are beyond bullied, groups of people are denounced and torn apart, hurt and hate is spread, as well as love and acceptance and caring.

We are looking for petitioners to pledge to be a better Facebook Community Steward, to denounce what is wrong and hurtful, to stop the ongoing targeting and cyber bullying simply to fit into a mold cut out for you, by "them", a "them" with only "their" best interest at heart...We pledge to "share" and create positive messages, statuses, replies, posts, pics and the like...We pledge to continue to "report" immoral, unethical, hateful and hurtful behavior online and on "pages"...We pledge to reply outspoken, standing against hate and with love, taking action against any and every post and page creating divide and separation, to unite us as people rather than divide us as groups...:-)

We the undersigned, call on Facebook and other media venues to support and join in our standing against hate, hurtful messages, gang activity, the solicitation of drugs and violence, and any and all activity creating a divide and separation in groups amongst people to be united for humanities sake.

We ask that these social media venues stand against such hate and divide and respect the reports provided in the name of unity.

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The Build a Lovely Facebook Community petition to Facebook was written by Dave and is in the category Health at GoPetition.