The Mitchell Shire Council

It has come to the attention of residents of the Broadford Township and of the wider Mitchell Shire, who use the Broadford BMX Track, that it is in need of repair and restoration. There have been injuries incurred by users of the track due to attempts of repair by Mitchell Shire in which granetic sand was used as the new riding surface. These repairs were no doubt undertaken by the Shire in good faith. Due to the course nature of the granetic sand, when a rider falls and comes in contact with the surface they inevetiably receive lacerations. In some incidents medical attention was required.

It is time for The Mitchell Council to redevelop the track with the aid of local youths who use it. Consultation with riders will ensure mistakes like using grenetic sand for the riding surface are not occur again. Indeed, a partnership approach with the enthusiastic youth who regularly use the facility can develop new jumps and the riding surface should being covered with appropriate soil.

The BMX track is a great source of enjoyment for the youth of the Mitchell Shire, and should continue to be so for the future generations of youth of the area.

Please sign this petition to inform the Mitchell Shire Council that the Broadford BMX Track is in need of repair.

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