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Customs Australia

Laser Pointers have been banned since 2008 in Australia. On August that year, Australia experienced a nationwide ban on all Laser Pointers.

This was due to an plane accident involving a laser pointer being shone in the pilot's eyes. But this stunt is extremely hard to achieve, even with precise mounted tracking. This feat was only achieve by pure luck.

Australia took to this problem by banning all laser pointers. Now laser pointers are classified as a "illegal" weapon.

Lasers pointers can do more good than harm. They were used widely in power point presentations and in astronomy. Now people who need lasers have to apply for a permit, which has to go through Customs and Police Australia for approval.

Lasers should be available to all people. Australia should not prevent the problem, but deal with the culprits instead.

We, the undersigned, pledge to bring Laser Pointers back to Australia.

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