#Civil Rights
Supporters of justice in the Middle East

Gilad Shalit was kidnapped in Israel by Hamas militants in 2006.

He is currently being held captive in Gaza and has not been heard from in almost three years.

We want him home - as Zionist Youth Movements and organizations in South Africa, we are calling for this now.

ושבו בנים לגבולם
Veshavu Banim Legvulam - “And thy children shall return to their own border…” Jeremiah 31:16

We, the members of Betar, Bnei Akiva, Habonim Dror, Netzer and SAUJS, call for a successful end to negotiations to bring Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit back home to his family.

As we look forward to Pesach, we pray and call for an end to the ongoing conflict.

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