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The BBC has, this week, introduced new graphics for it's weather forecast, replacing the old symbols. The new graphics are inferior to the old system. The new graphics are confusing, and more difficult to understand than the old system. Scotland is shown in the distance, and is difficult to see. The representation of wind is not as clear as the old system. Cloud is shown as shadows, which is impossible to see clearly if the whole country is in cloud. The 3D movement around the country is disorientating to the viewer.

In short, the new system is a confusing waste of money, that may look flash compared to the old method, but isn't anywhere near as good at displaying the weather as the old system of symbols, which we want back so we can understand the weather clearly again.

We are unhappy with the new weather forecast graphics. We find them confusing, cannot understand them easily, and wish to see a return to the old graphics, which are tried and tested, and work perfectly well.

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The Bring Back the old style BBC Weather Graphics petition to BBC was written by Chris Tye and is in the category Television at GoPetition.