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Dark Horse Comics, New Line Cinema

If you are reading this it is because you know The Mask was one of the greats non-heroes (or hero in movie and TV show) of story. When the original comics ends in 2000 and then they make the worst sequel of history, it's time to playback!

The new generations deserves to meet the original and uncopied Mask, and how it could happen before to this years? Let's sign to the rise of The Mask; like in the original comics or like in the film or TV show, whatever let's do our best to see new stuff of The Mask. Let's put it in someone face!

Since the first comic from The Mask Dark Horse Comics wins popularity, then in the middle of the comics production New Line Cinema shows The Mask in the big screen with style and carisma, and next appear his own TV show. But when the ends of the comics came in 2000, and the sequel, The Son of The Mak wins the Golden Raspberry Awards for worst sequel or remake... Well, let's just said it didn't get any point; it get minus points.

Batman, Spider-man, X-Men, Hulk... The all stills in the top of comics addicts, specially Batman. The Mask must to get the chance to rise again, with new comics, new (better) movies; it was one of the most important non-heroes of comic's history. The new generation deserves to meet The Mask in his better standing. So please, put The Mask in someone's face.

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