#Human Rights
Chinese government

Tibet has been under Communist Chinese rule since the 1950's. The Chinese authorities use brute force against anyone who resists Chinese rule.

As I am writing this, I am watching News 24. The Chinese have given the Tibetan protestors until Monday (17th March 2008) to pipe down, or "face the consequences". If do calm down by then, the Chinese have promised to "be lenient" with them.

This doesn't seem like a very strong compromise to me. Actually, if I'm honest, I have a nasty feeling they simply mean the difference between a quick painless death or a slow agonizing one.

The above mentioned issue is only one of the problems China should be dealing with. Other examples include female infanticide, over-population, and the very real danger of giant pandas going extinct.

To show you care about any of these things, please boycott China until Tibet is free, and we are on the way to solving the other problems. Do not visit China unnecessarily, buy Chinese food, watch the Beijing Olympics 2008, or support the Chinese economy in any way. By doing this, you can show China the way towards a fairer society: the way of peace.

We, the undersigned, will boycott China until Tibet is free, and you start to address the many other problems in Chinese society.

Please, do what you know is right. It is a shame for such a beautiful country as China to be spoilt by violence and oppression. I hope you listen to what we say. Thank you.

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