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The national under 25s singles championship matches are in a sets format. Many under 25s would prefer it to be a typical first to 21 singles game in bowls because they feel that too much "luck" is involved and that the winner of a match may not deserve to have won.

This is also in the matter of interest of the EIBA as firstly the winner of this event represents England internationally and secondally many under 25s are disatisfied by the current format, causing less entries.

I would prefer the EIBA under 25s national singles competition format to be changed from the "sets" format that is currently being used to the first to 21 shots format that is most commonly used to determine a winner in a singles match.

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The Bowls: Bring an end to sets play in the national under 25s singles competition petition to England was written by Tom Bishop and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.