Justin Trudeau

Many African men, women and children led a horrific life of slavery around the world. It is THE most damaging chapter in human history. It does not matter whether those involved in the slave trade were African, European, Asian or Middle Eastern--the fact it is it happened and it must never be forgotten. Black History Month is not enough. I feel that people of African heritage need a national day of their own to begin the healing process. No, the holocaust was not the same. Besides, millions of blacks were sterilized and sent to concentration camps in Germany during the holocaust. The Europeans who call themselves Jews fail to acknowledge this crucial fact.

Many people will argue that Blacks in Canada were never slaves but the truth is we were slaves until it became abolished in 1834 and even then many continued to serve as slaves to the French, English and Native Indians in Canada.

Why should present day blacks who were never slaves themselves have this national holiday? Because we still need healing and are still suffering from the ripple effects of slavery. Further, many people who owned slaves in the past are still living off the profits of slavery while we still suffer from systemic racism and poverty. Does that seem fair to you? If we don't heal, EVERYONE suffers.

I believe that having a national public holiday for blacks to remember their ancestors who died as slaves is a necessity to the healing of our people. My goal is to begin petitioning in Canada and around the world to have this day during Black History Month. On this day people of African heritage would stay home and pray for the healing of our people and remember those who were involved in ending slavery around the world.

I will not give up until I reach my goal. With your help, I know I can do this. You may fund my efforts at https://www.gofundme.com/manage/rememberblackslavesday.

Thank you for your support! Canada, let's be the first to set an example for the rest of the world. One step at a time towards healing!

We, the undersigned show support for the Lest We Forget Black Slaves project of having a national holiday for people of African descent.

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