#Children's Rights
Human services community services NSW

we believe all children entering care for what ever reason should have access to crisis care packages which contain basics for the child in the initial 24-72 Hours.

Foster carers often tell us they receive kids at short notice or late at night when shopping is not possible, also was a child in care and know first hand how little these kids have and how much red tape must be overcome to simply access funds to purchase such items for the child.

We are happy to provide these packs free to the children , But NSW DOCS have said they are un needed as they provide everything they refereed to another organisation they fund, however the child must join this org, must pay a fee and it can take months to access it does not meet their needs during crisis.

We the undersigned call on NSW department of community services to allow kids entering their care access to essential care packages which will aid the child, the carer and the case worker for the initial 24- 72 hours whilst the child is entering care.

We believe these children need these basic essential, and by having them provided will ease burdens on carers and on over worked case workers on the ground dealing with the situations.

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