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Indian Medical Council regulates medical education, including the establishment of new medical colleges and the number of students colleges can admit, and has enormous power and is controlled by Indian health minister.

Many new private Indian medical colleges have inefficient unqualified non medical faculty as they come cheap... use non resident indians to cheat MCI, are corruptly managed,cheat MCI on staff availability. Running medical colleges--many of which are known to be controlled by politicians of different parties-it is a big business since billions can be made from students seeking admission.

MCI presidents are known corrupt characterless individuals who do large scale bungling in medical admissions yearly. Evidence exists on manipulation of inspection records of two medical colleges in Pune and Ghaziabad for granting them recognition and many more in chennai/pondicherry.

Minutes of the council meetings showed that all critical decisions were concentrated in ex MCI president Dr Desai's hands. Dr Bhalla presented details from an income tax raid at Dr Desai's house last year, which showed unexplained receipt of 6.5 million rupees (£95000; $136000) via bank drafts in the names of his wife, daughters, and himself from several people in Delhi.

Supreme court judges in india ruled that Dr Desai had misused his position as president of the Medical Council of India. "We cannot allow an unscrupulous and corrupt person to function as the president of the MCI observed Justices Chopra and Kumar and directed that Dr Ketan Desai shall cease to hold office of president of the MCI with immediately but still his irongrip remains.

The health education situation in India needs international monitoring as politicians are taking over medical education. All future medical, dental and other health care sciences from India could be treated with contempt.

It's time to reform or banish the Medical Council of India.

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