#Animal Rights
Government of Spain

Animal abuse in Spain has gone back years. Bulls are shameless slaughtered for sport, goats are dangled headfirst out of second-story windows, geese are tortured until their heads come off, and donkeys are tied to the back of vehicles until there strength is out, at which point they are dragged along the streets. All for sport. This cruel for of animal abuse is completely legal and attended like a sporting event for the people of Spain.

In short, it is not fun, it is not sport, it is gruesome slaughtering of innocent animals. Please help to put a stop to this.

We, the supporters of animal rights, are pleading with the government of Spain to put an end to the shameless slaughtering of innocent animals. It is cruel and inhumane, not to mention disgusting, allowing people to taunt and confuse an animal before painfully and slowly bringing it to death. Save the animals of Spain, put an end to the killing and abuse.

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