#Children's Rights
The Ministry of Education

Research that schools that do not give out homework to children, usually have a higher education standard then those with homework.

Studies show that homework causes stress in children, cuts into family time, and causes children to stay up late doing it.

It's a problem for busy families who usually are doing other things, because homework then piles up, and then the children become stressed, stay up late and don't do well at school. If they become to stressed, they can lash out at studants or teachers.

The other problem with homework is that it is more important then the work you do at school. If you don't do much work in school, you can still pass if you do the homwork. If you don't do the homework but do the school work really well, you can fail.
Can you see sense in that? I can't. Sign this petition to ban homework.

Our goal is 10,000 signatures. We want homework banned or limited to things you didn't finish in class.

Also, only serious signatures please. Any joke signatures will be deleted on sight.

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