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Child Abuse
United States of America

Children are placed back into the hands of their abuser to only end up being abused again, or worse, deceased. These abusers have more children, walk our streets, become babysitters, sometimes teachers and coaches, generally remaining a presence in our communities and in the lives of our young people.

The new law will state that if a person has had two physicians or psychiatrists who have indicated they are mentally unable to care for a child, they are not allowed to parent more children. One of these evaluations done by accused choice. They will have their own child removed from their home, and are never able to have them returned.

These evaluations need to be done within a month apart and clarify why this person is not capable of taking care of a child. A criminal court and a jury by the individual’s peers will then review the case and make the final decision.

When an abuser has been found guilty for violent abuse they are then forced to register for life, and are never able to be left alone with a child under the age of 18 years.

A child abuser found guilty serves minimum of 10 years for a child case not deceased, 25 years for a child case that has permanent physical damage, and life without possibility of parole for a child case that involves death of a child. In none of these cases is there a possibility of parole.

A child abuser found guilty of an internet sex crime involving an child is never is allowed access to a computer hooked up to Internet access.

An accused child abuser involving sex, molestation, penetration, fondling, or similar abuse shall receive a full evaluation both psychological and physical regarding the said case before being sentenced to guilty. The said child shall have a physical and psychological evaluation as well by a trained personal of this nature. The physical evaluation shall include a rape kit and/or hospital evaluation used as evidence.

A child abuser that has been found guilty of violent abuse shall be placed on a Child Abuse Registry involving children.

When an individual violates an Restraining Order / Order of Protection involving a child they shall be charged as a felony. Given 5 years for first offence, 10 years for second, 15 years for third.

Any Order of Protection granted for a child because of abuse and/or neglect is granted till child reaches 18 years old or till said child graduates from high school, instead of having to extend or reapply every two years.

The abuser that is found guilty will receive mental evaluation as well as a weekly counseling appointment that MUST be kept.

In the event where a person or persons witnesses a child abuse case and does not report it to the authorities within 8 hours of the incident they can be convicted of 5 years. After release they will then receive counseling for 5 years for child neglect and abuse nature.

The term Abuser shall include and not limited to the following: a person whom has caused physical, sexual, mental harm, to one or more children under there care and under the age of 18 years.

The term Violent Abuse shall include and not limited to the following: repeat abuse convictions of at least two counts and/or charges of two different victims, permanent injury has been caused to the child (this can include but not limited to physical, mental, emotional.), or death of the victim.

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