#Children's Rights
Event Cinemas & Palace Cinemas

During the past 50 years, thousands of research studies have revealed that the media can be a powerful teacher of children and have a profound impact on their health.

To date, too little has been done by parents, health care practitioners, schools, the government and the entertainment industry to protect children from harmful media effects. By selecting M and MA movies for Babes In Arms sessions, cinemas are not helping.

Babes in Arms sessions are a great idea for parents and guardians to be able to enjoy movies while taking care of children, but movies need to be appropriate. Little eyes and ears absorb more than we realise.

In Australia, we have film classifications for a reason. There are good reasons why movies are classed as being suitable for only Mature audiences and adults only. Therefore, we should not have to choose between missing out on having some "time out" while watching a movie, or subjecting out children to a movie that has drug and alcohol abuse, strong language, sexuality/nudity, and an intense action sequences etc.

Keep Babes In Arms Movies to G and PG movies only!

We, the undersigned, call on Event Cinemas and Palace Cinemas to stop choosing M and MA movies for their Babes In Arms Screenings.

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