Attorny General
United States of America

June 10, 2005

Recently, the US Govt. has issued that the 2257 U.S.C. 18 is to be changed on June 23rd, 05. The new changes that are to occur, will have a devestating impact upon adult webmasters all over the United States.

The new rules/regulations REQUIRES ALL adult webmasters to release PRIVATE & PERSONAL information about their models/content, creating a virtual playground for indentity thieves. According to the new 2257 Rules ALL of the following is REQUIRED to be given to ANYONE in the public for ANY model in sexually explicit content.

Social Security #'s
Date Of Birth
Personal Signatures
Phone Numbers
Home Address's

The New 2257 Rules/Regs will put MANY hard working/under payed adult webmasters out of business.

As the 2257 regulations become more & more ridiculous, it will also take it's toll on the U.S. economy.

I urge anyone who has fallen victom of identity theft, any adult/mainstream webmaster to carefully consider signing this petition.

Thank You,

We, the undersigned, are Anti 2257 Changes.

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