#Human Rights
George Bush
United States of America

Now is the time to make a stand to support our President, and our Country in the fight against terrorism. Please help by signing this petition. If I get enough signatures, I will send it to the White House to show our support. Thank you, and please send this petition to everybody on your Email address list. You can go to my web page to make a donation to the Red Cross using link at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

By signing this petition I agree to stand with my fellow Americans, and our friends around the world, in the fight against terrorism. I will do what I can whether it is giving money, blood, or my time, or sign this petition, in the effort to win the war against the unspeakable evil that is terrorism. I also agree to continue to go about my normal life, and not let the evil doers change the way that I live. In recognition that life is short, and none of us know when our last day is, I will give somebody that I love a hug, and tell them that I love them. AND MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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