Knox Community School Corporation
United States of America

1. I and many others believe this music to be quite enjoyable and music of this degree beneficial to helping with the work we were doing.
2. Stopping students from expressing their creativity like this can have problems with the student like thought processing. If we were aloud to listen to this music however, it would give us the will and moxie to continue our work with joy.

We, the students of Mrs. Allports class, call on the Knox Community School Corporation to allow "Nintendo Mii Channel Trap Remix" to be played at a reasonable level while work is being done through the times of 10:04 to 10:39 in Mrs. Allports class in the Middle School of the Knox Community School Corporation. With the music "Nintendo Mii Channel Trap Remix" we will be able to work much more proficiency and speed as some studies show. Your signature will be a great help towards the upward battle we face as students. Thank you.

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