#Human Rights
Mr. Charles Clarke M.P
United Kingdom

Dear Mr Clarke,

Re: Hossein Siavoshy Home Office Reference S1086061

We ask that you allow Hossein Siavoshy, an Iranian man to stay in Britain with his wife, Jessica, who is a British Citizen.

Hossein met Jessica in London and they married in 2003. An application was submitted but this was refused in February 2004. They are now waiting for their 2nd Judicial review application to be processed.

The Home Office wants to remove Hossein to Iran but this would result in the couple's forced separation. There are several in surmountable obstacles that would prevent them living together in Iran. Iran does not recognise dual nationality. It is likely that Jessica's British passport is confiscated. In order for the Iranian authorities to recognise their marriage Jessica would be forced to convert to Islam. Jessica has no knowledge of Iran's language or culture and it is very unlikely that she would be able to find employment in her current field.

It is also uncertain what would happen to Hossein on his return especially given the current political climate, his political views and previous opposition to the government. We believe that a forced, indefinite separation would be unjust and inhumane.

We, the undersigned, petition Charles Clarke M.P, Secretary of State, requesting he allows Hossein Siavoshy to remain in the UK.

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