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I have grown up in a family where music is very important part in our lives. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Herman Hermits, Tom Petty, etc, are a few examples. Many great musicians of that kind come to Caesers Windsor.

I believe children should be allowed in to see concerts and events and I'll tell you why. The main reason children are not allowed into Caesers is due to the atmosphere of alcohol and gambling. Yet, there in NO ALCOHOL allowed in the concert bowl, during concerts. Due to this children should at least be allowed in to see concerts and events of many types, without drinking or gambling.

Many die-hard music fans, that are children, should have the opportunity of seeing their favourite artists, while they still can. Even if there are no children allowed in the bowl , it would be wonderful if they made an minors section, separate section, far away from any alcohol or gambling. So that die hard music fans-such as myself- can still have the opportunity to see many great artists. Thank You.

Please sign this petition. Many great artists will never come back to Windsor and many children will never have the chance to see these musicians in concert.

Even if you aren't a child , please understand how much, children appreciate music and put yourself in our shoes. Even do it for your kids, it would nice for you to take your kids to a concert of your favorite musician.

Please sign if you are a child or even an adult who wouldn't mind seeing this law be changed.

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