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There are many senseless and irrelevant programs being broadcasted on the radio and television in the metropolitan area where the crime rate is outrageously high.

I think that Radio One should cut some programs and devote at least one hour to the youth. Allowing them to call the station and express themselves about what's going on in there community, schools, and personal situations.

A counselor of some sort would also be available to answer questions and give advice. I also believe that BET should bring Teen Summit back. It would also be a good way for teens to receive information and speak on certain issues such as sex,gang violence,and STD's.

WPGC is my favorite radio station but I have an issue with them. They speak on violence in the city every chance they get but why not open up the lines for the youth to call in and express themselves. We have all these senseless programs on the radio but the biggest issue is left unattended.

I also have a big problem with my favorite television station BET. Who like I said about WPGC have discussed youth violence but where is the shows like Teen Summit? We need these programs back in the lives of the youth so there’s space and a place to air out issues. If we don’t reach out to our youth we will never know what’s really bothering them.


Steven Davis Jr.

Sign this petition requesting that every radio station in an area where there is an excessive amount of teen violence, participate in the Airwaves For Youth Program.

With this program kids from all over the world would be able to call in and talk about their problems and situations and a counselor of some sort can reach out to these kids.

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