#Human Rights
The United States Supreme Court
United States of America

The Government has enacted that it is a "felony" to "owe" child support in almost every state. In most states, If you were ordered to "pay an amount" in the "time stated", and failed to do so, and the amount has compiled to $5,000.00 or more in arrearages, that you are guilty of committing the crime of "felony non-support" punishable by up to 4yrs in prison.

There is NO DEFENSE of record to this charge, that even if you are disabled and cannot pay, you are guilty of the crime. This law needs to be abolished as it is frivolous to the rights of the people. The law by design was created to "extort" money from families, and to fund its institution!

We "the people" of the United States, call upon the U.S. Supreme Court to abolish the law "felony non-support", in every state.

We ask that all prosecutions for this crime cease immediately as it violates our protected rights under the constitution!

We further request that the institutions responsible for its enforcement be investigated for abuse of power, namely FOC " Friend of the Court".

We agree that there is "No Defense" afforded to those that have been charged, and that this law while existent infringes on our rights to "Due Process".

We respectfully, and collectively request the abolishment!!

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