#Consumer Affairs
Epic Games
United States of America

Fortnite has undoubtedly been the most successful game of 2018 (top grossing game on consoles), but the way they reached that and attained all of that money was from promoting and targeting children. Epic games has hit a gold mine with Fortnite and are abusing this as a means to obtain even more money. All items are solely cosmetic on a FREE game and serve no purpose besides a weak realization of wasting money on the skins after purchase. To make things worse, the player only has 3 refunds, the refunds should not be limited if there is a sound reason for not wanting it like your child buying it with your money without permission.

Credit to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHHjZKct3PjGdiLKhIiqA2Q for the image

As the consumer, the person should have more self control. Their target audience is children who don't fully understand right and wrong, thus proving that parents should take more control over this situation because of all the wasted money on these cosmetics. Fortnite has started to come on the scene as an upcoming Esport but the skill difference compared to the other Esports such as Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty Black ops 4 requires an immense amount of hand-eye coordination and awareness of surroundings. This petition can serve as a way to show that Fortnite must be stopped before more money ends up being wasted even more.

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