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1. Corporal Punishment is a cruel and painful form of punishment inflicted on children as young as 2 years old on up to adulthood. This form of punishment used as a means of discipline is no different than the term "CHILD ABUSE". Children do not need to be beaten to correct their bad behavior and this law must be abolished from every state that still allows it, especially in the home giving Parents and Caregivers the right to inflict pain on those who cannot fight back or defend themselves.

2. We the People of the United States need to be the voice for the children as they have no rights until they become adults. Children depend on those that raise them to be kind and loving but instead many are faced with cruel and unforgiving beatings that leaves physical, mental and emotional scars.

3. It is because We the People of the United States have stood up for what we believe in as injustice to those who cannot speak up for themselves that has created many of the protective child laws we have today. This is another law that is long over due for change. We need to make a difference for the children and we can do this by ABOLISHING CORPORAL PUNISHMENT in private homes, foster homes and other facilities where there are care givers for children.

4. Please help me be a voice for the children and give them a better life with eliminating an antiquated law that no longer applies to how children should be corrected for their behavior. No one has the right to take away the respect and dignity of a child. Our existing laws are there to protect the children. CORPORAL PUNISHMENT destroys a child. There is nothing healthy or nurturing about inflicting pain upon another human being, especially a loving and trusting child.

5. Please sign this petition so we can be one voice for the children with a law that will protect the children not hurt them.

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