#Animal Welfare
Aberdeen City Council
United States of America

Aberdeen does not have an animal park for dogs and other furry friends to roam freely. The nearest dog park is in Lacey, 51 miles away. Although Aberdeen and Hoquiam are home to many beautiful recreational parks, none provide an off-leash opportunity for dogs to get the high-energy exercise they need. For many dogs, like my own who is an Australian Sheppard/Blue Healer, a walk or run on a leash does not suffice. For the last 2 years, I have taken my dog, Zoey, to Franklin Field daily to play fetch. However, today I was met by the dog catcher with a warning of a $500 fine next time she sees my dog not on a leash. Fetch is Zoey' s favorite form of exercise, she runs until she cannot stand up. Have you ever tried to play fetch with your dog on a leash? I understand a leash law is in place in recreational parks to protect the citizens from potential harm from animals. Nevertheless, the animals of this city need an area where they can perform basic activities like calisthenics and fetch.

Aberdeen and Hoquiam together have no place to take your animals, off-leash. In fact, the nearest dog park is 51 miles away, in Lacey. Making a 51 mile daily commute to exercise your animals is next to impossible. Many of the residents of this city have animals, but no place where they can play fetch or roam freely without facing haraassment. For dogs, like my own who is a herding dog, it is essential to their health that they participate in daily, vigorous exercise. We, the undersigned, believe the City Council should oversee this opportunity to create an area for the furry, four-legged residents of Aberdeen.

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