Councillor Ann Milton, Southampton City Council
United Kingdom

In a pre-statutory consultation exercise early in 2006, Southampton's stakeholders in education were asked to respond to a set of 3 alternative proposals concerning the future of Millbrook Community School and Oaklands Community School.

All 3 proposals involved the merger of the two schools to form a new school. This was accepted as necessary given the falling rolls across the city.

On 25 May, the Southern Daily Echo reported that the proposal had been changed, without consultation, to one in which only Millbrook closes. Many of the arguments used to back up the proposal are ill-founded and prejudiced.

Closure only of Millbrook will ensure that the pupils and staff there will not get a fair deal. As staff look for a new employment they will leave and will not be replaced except by supply staff. Pupils' quality of education will be adversely affected. This is unfair to pupils who have helped the school become one of the 100 best schools in the country for pupil progress between Years 7 and 9.

Southampton City Council must demonstrate that "every child matters" by not allowing any proposal to be considered that sacrifices the education of one group of pupils for any reason.

No vision for the future of education in Southampton is worth the sacrifice of good quality education now. Millbrook, as one of the top 100 schools in the country for progress within Key Stage 3, must be allowed to build on this good work.

We, the undersigned, demand that Millbrook Community School remain open until such time that it can merge with Oaklands School on an equal basis.

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