#Law Reform
Governer Ed Rendell
United States of America

Grandparents' rights are a far too often ignored law that needs addressed. These rights have completely taken away parents' natural god given and constitutional rights as parents. In 2000, Troxel vs. Granville the supreme court ruled grandparents rights unconstitutional. These rights have destroyed families and children.

Pennsylvania courts are quick to take the side of a grandparent, while avoiding a fit parents objection, and rights. A grandparent does not have the title of parent, unless the situation warrants it, by the death of the parents, or the abuse of a child. This is a horrific and sad law that we as parents are tired of. Grandparents should visit their grandkids without stipulation, and without the courts. And should respect the parents wishes for their own children.

We, the undersigned call on Mr. Rendell to re-write the grandparents rights' law in a manner that protects parental rights.

We as parents call on Mr. Rendell to stop allowing the courts to blindly grant grandparents rights to any grandparent and to protect our constitutional rights, as an elected law-maker that is to uphold the constitution.

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