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Corporate America and the banking institutions have been REWARDED WITH OUR MONEY for their irresponsible decisions.

Meanwhile, they are hoarding the money and not lending it out to help stimulate the economy and may be paying it out to their executives in bonuses (which is prohibited).

UPDATE 11/28/08: AIG to pay "retention bonuses" to executive bigwigs after they promised that no bonuses would be paid!

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But what WE need from the government is the following:

1) Ability to tap into our 401(k)'s to sustain ourselves (WITHOUT a penalty) and stimulate the economy by being about to pay our own bills and make our own mortgage payments without having to wait for Corporate America to finally decide to loan us OUR money that was given to them.

2) Allocate government funding to help struggling homeowners make their mortgages BEFORE they go into foreclosure. We need money to be poured directly into the economy through us, not only filtered through Corporate America.

3) IMMEDIATELY appoint a committee to oversee the $700 billion to assure that our money is not being inappropriately spent on golden parachutes, retreats executive bonuses or anything except what it was allocated for?

If you agree with the terms of this petition and want to ask our government to recognize what we want, your signature is needed so that we will have a COLLECTIVE VOICE. A few voices will not do. Let's make a difference and be a part of the CHANGE. LET'S GET HEARD!! LET'S SHOOT FOR 25,000 SIGNATURES, AT WHICH TIME, THIS PETITION WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY TO THE WHITE HOUSE BY FAX AND EMAIL.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Government to take under advisement our aforementioned requests and take immediate action for implementation of all three.

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