#Animal Welfare
Green Valley Recreation Inc.
United States of America

Green Valley Recreation Members pay 100% of the operating funds of this organization. Most of our members are dog owners or dog lovers. The nearest dog park is over 5 miles away from the center of our community. Having a park complex near the center of our community will bring the community closer because there will be a gathering place for people to stroll in a park, sit on benches, perhaps have a restroom and water fountain and fenced areas for small and large dogs to romp and play off leash while owners can socialize and visit with each other. This type of a central place to exercise our dogs will improve the health of our dogs, help us to train them, give owners a sense of daily exercise to walk to the park and recreate with others. We pay thousands of dollars for transfer and capital improvement fees for GVR membership, therefore we want our voices heard, our request for this invaluable asset to our community.

We, the undersigned, call Green Valley Recreation Inc., to include plans for a Green Valley Community Park which will include a dog park area in the unincorporated community of Green Valley Arizona for the use of all dogs and their owners who reside in or are visiting the area. It will improve member morale and community spirit and create a safe place for owners and their dogs to recreate in our own community.

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