Middletown valley council
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About a week ago, skateboarding was pretty much banned from middletown, although i dont skateboard, there are many people who do. I think that skatebording and bikeriding are about the only things to do on weekends or school holidays, or even just after school with in walking distance of homes. I propose that middletown do something to encourage teens to get out and hang out with friends and family rather than be public disturbances or drug addicts.

The following people of middletown valley agree with me and would like to see something done to entertain the youth of our community.

We would like to begin first by asking you to at least reasonably consider this proposition. We the citizens in the town of Middletown, would like to make a suggestion to build some sort of entertainment activity for the youth to enjoy. All activities such as roller skating, ice skating, the movies, shopping...is all in frederick, so what about those who can't drive, or those who can't get there by way of parents? So please see the list of citizens who agree and have signed this petition.

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