#Arts & Entertainment
Lake Washington School District
United States of America

Throughout history, people have been able to look at anything on the internet. This year, LWSD has hired websense to block all good sites such as email and even the district homepage. for kids who dont have a computer with internet at home, this really sucks and puts those kids at a disadvantage and closes a door to them. i believe that porn is good and if a guy is set on shooting his goob at school, hes gonna do it whether theres games or porn or not.

Furthermore, religion has really corrupted kids and we cant even look at alternative religion and get information on them w/o having to steal a teachers password. espionage has become a common thing and websense has promoted teen violence and theft.

I, A student in the United States of America, hereby announce that i condemn the actions taken by the Lake Washington School District and would like to banish the evil corporation Websense forever. Just like the Soviet Union.

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