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1. Subsidy for Meningococcal (MenB) Vaccine

Meningococcal disease is a serious illness which, even when treated, kills 10 to 15 infected people out of 100. And of those who survive, about 10 to 20 out of every 100 will suffer disabilities such as hearing loss, brain damage, kidney damage, amputations, nervous system problems, or severe scars from skin grafts. Thanks to meningitis vaccines, thousands are alive today who would otherwise have died or been left seriously disabled from these deadly diseases. The addition of the MenB vaccine will save even more as it can help prevent meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B.

2. Stop Political Persecution on Facebook

People are being banned on Facebook for posting images of vaccine injured children, which does not violate 'Community Standards'. I am personally one of the many being banned for days or weeks or permanently.

Vaccines are now a very political issue, and therefore that also does not violate the standards, and if it doesn't glorify violence.

RAGE Against the Vaccines (Facebook)

3. Research and Oversight of Vaccines and Vaccine Production

Vaccines have a good purpose and function, and eliminating vaccine preventable disease is a public health issue.

Considering the effects of vaccine injury and side effects is an equally important public health issue.

This is documented with research and the billions paid out via the Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan (and that is only to those who have actually filed a claim).

4. Stop Mandatory Vaccinations

Oregon is pushing for more stringent laws that will eliminate vaccination exemptions other than religious and medical. It has been noted that even religious exemptions will classify as the "philosophical" exemption and will potentially be eliminated as well.

As a group, we will stand as educated parents and petition the state to keep our rights in deciding what medical treatments can be administered to our children.

Thank you for your support in this long haul.

5. Establish an Ebola Indemnity Fund

Ebola has killed over 4700 citizens in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as one one Liberian citizen in the United States. The present Ebola outbreak has been cited by the WHO as the worse in modern times. About 9,900 people are said be infected and unless contained will infect more people.

So far the USA, Mali and Spain have reported cases. A number of companies are producing vaccine but the effectiveness of these vaccine will have be tested by trials made on current infected people in Africa. There is very little information on the long term side effects of the vaccines even if clinical trials succeed and the servals rates diminished. To research and produce the vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline PLC awarded USD 1 million. Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Canada has received USD 140 million from the US Department of Defense to work with US Army Medical research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

UK's Welcome Trust has awarded USD 5.15 million grant to Oxford University on the Ebola vaccine research. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awareded USD 50 million. Other institutions involved in the vaccine research are Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc, Chimeria Inc, Public Health Agency of Canada, New Link Genetics Corp, Okairos Unit of Glaxo and the Caliber Biotherapeutics based in Taxes. In the absence of the infected people in West Africa, this research will not have a market or outlet other than the primates in the Congo Forest.

Two issues are involved here. First the production of the vaccine should be transparent and approached used be publicly reported. The second is that since the long and short term effects of these vaccines are unknown, the patients who received the vaccine should be indemnified. So far seven people have received an Ebola vaccine generated from GMO Tobacco leaves, two have since died.

6. Please Protect Vampire Bats

Believe it or not, vampire bats actually exist. It's true! Wild vampire bats are mainly, if not solely, found in South America. However, they do not suck blood, rather, they lap it up like a cat lapping up water.

Recently, there has been a bit of an issue about some people wanting these bats to be "culled" (the "polite" term for "killed off") because of a disease known as rabies. While it is true that the bats can and do carry rabies, research has shown that killing off the bats could actually increase the significance of rabies. Plus, there is an alternative to killing the poor creatures; vaccination.

I can remember reading about how rabies has been eradicated in at least one part of the world by putting out meat laced with rabies vaccine. Animals then ate the meat and, thus, became immune to the disease. Could some sort of rabies vaccine not be put into blood somehow and put out in mass proportions for the vampire bats to feed upon? This would not necessarily have to involve the killing of other animals. Could we not use the blood of animals that are going to die anyway or use blood donations? I know that some of what I said there may sound crazy, but could my ideas please at least be considered?

Also, I have heard that, although they can carry rabies, vampire bats are actually immune to rabies and Ebola. Would it not be more useful to study these bats and their immunity to those diseases in order to help make a potential future without rabies and/or Ebola come sooner?

Vampire bats are not evil and are not nearly as bad as you may think. First of all, they do not normally drain their prey dry. They normally just take enough to sustain themselves (about two tablespoonfuls, or so I think) and then leave. Also, their saliva possesses something that thins the blood out, allowing them and, possibly, other bats to feed. Believe it or not, there is an idea that this could help thin out blood clots and/or help stroke patients.

As well as this, vampire bats will sometimes help other bats by feeding them when they are too ill or injured to get blood by themselves* and adopting orphaned young.

* I read somewhere that vampire bats might sometimes kick out roost-mates who do not do their part, but I still feel that there is no need to "cull" these fascinating creatures. Like I was saying, they can be very good animals and could possibly be of some medical value to people as well.

7. Meningitis B Vaccine to be available for ALL children

This E petition is to try and put some pressure on the Government to routinely vaccinate ALL of our children as part of the childhood immunisation program against the lethal Meningitis B.

Our children are NOT vaccinated against this at the moment. The vaccination has just became available and will cost £75 per dose for children who aren't deemed high risk.

This should be FREE for every child and EVERY child should be immunised.

Can you imagine if your child caught meningitis and you hadn't PAID to have them vaccinated?

Meningitis KILLS in only 4 hours and can leave your child severely disabled. It is a terrible illness but it is within our power for a relatively small cost to wipe this out in our country.

Please consider signing this petition to encourage the government to add this to the immunisation program. Sharing this on social media would be great too.

Thank you.

8. Oppose HPV vaccine in Halton Catholic District School Board


We the undersigned implore the Trustees of the Halton District Catholic School Board not to rescind its ban on the HPV vaccine for reasons given by Bishop Fred Henry in a letter to the Catholic boards of Alberta published on June 28, 2012:

whereas a Catholic school board should promote sexual abstinence before marriage;

whereas a Catholic school board should not undermine its message of abstinence;

whereas abstinence protects spiritual and bodily health;

9. Make available the Vaccine - MCV4

The mother of a 19-year old UVIC student who died of meningitis last year - is launching a petition, calling on the Province to cover a particular vaccine - she argues could have saved her son.

Mabel Chan's son Leo thought he had come down with the flu. It wasn't - it was bacterial meningitis. 24 hours later, he was in a coma. He died just days later.

Adding insult to injury, news a vaccine - MCV4 - has been available for years - but isn't provided at the school level.

"There are other strains that are spiking now and it's not being covered, and we all thought our kids were being protected."

Eight other provinces provide the vaccination. Now Nabel and her husband have set up an online petition - and information kiosk at their son's former workplace, a Coquitlam aquatic centre.

"I can hear him tell me... mom... save young lives."

This broke my heart when I saw this and said I can't stand by and do nothing.

10. Support UNICEF and help save lives!

The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - works for children's rights, their survival, development and protection. The organization provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in over 150 countries and territories.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts is an innovative program that gives you the opportunity to purchase actual life-saving items that will be shipped directly to one of over 150 countries where UNICEF serves. While other organizations allow supporters to purchase "symbolic" gifts, Inspired Gifts are actual items like warm blankets, vaccines, mosquito nets, water wells, therapeutic milk, even School-in-a-Box kits. In a world where everyday 25,000 children die from preventable causes, Inspired Gifts can make an immediate and dramatic difference in the life of a child threatened by malnutrition, disease, unclean water, lack of shelter, basic immunizations and basic medicines.

Examples of Inspired Gifts:

$18.80 Multiple Micronutrient Powder (604 packets)
$20.60 Tetanus Toxoid (TT) Vaccine (412 doses)
$27.00 Anti Malarial Drugs (treatment for 30 children)
$28.30 Measles Vaccine (101 doses)
$31.04 Polio Vaccine (treatment for 53 children)
$35.80 Deworming Tablets (treatment for 994 children)
$69.00 10,000 Water Purification Tablets (4-5 liters for each tablet)
$79.81 Oral Rehydration Salts (1,000 packets)

11. Save our pet bunnies from myxo

Currently the myxomatosis vaccination is not available in Australia, even though it is available in other countries.

Due to high rainfall and an increase in mosquito breeding in 2010/2011 hundreds of pet rabbits in Australia have already been euthanased from this fatal introduced disease. Myxo is fatal and there is no cure.

Australia's wild rabbit population have already developed a mild immunity from myxomatosis.

Pet rabbits do not carry any immunity and 100% will die from the disease. Pet rabbits are highly unlikely to pass on immunity to wild rabbits if vaccinated as there is less chance a person who would vaccinate their rabbit would also release it into the wild.

Pet rabbits do not carry the capabilities to exist in the wild due to their colourings, build and lack of survival skills.

12. Break up the FDA

The FDA was originally founded during a time when consumable products were not always what they seemed. During that time, before big pharmaceutics or large farms were even dreamed of, the two combined- food and drugs- was not an issue. Now, it is.

Food and drugs are two completely separate things. One is a necessity for life and the other is for health and improvement of the human body. These two things being one means less control over either part and more power to the heads of this entity. It cannot keep itself straight for all the grand amounts of information that must be kept straight. It has shown its loss of potency and power the last decade as it passed fatal drugs for us to consume and allows new breeds of plants to be promoted with little prior inspection.

It has become the lap dog of big seed companies such as Monsanto (search for bills H.R. 875, H.R. 2741, and H.R. 759) and large pharmacological companies (look up Posicor and Lipitor for more). They also spend our money trying to ban natural foods and supplements while letting unnatural drugs continue to harm and kill.
Please read and sign this petition. Our food (as it comes to us), our agriculture (the way our food is grown and produced), our medical and surgical devices (from a new scapula design to a new form of radiation treatment), and drugs should be treated as separate and unique processes and should, therefore, each have their own bureaucracy.

13. Support for Maryland Mandatory Vaccine Philosophical Exemption Legislation

This petition supports future legislation in the Maryland State Legislature which if passed will allow for a philosophical belief exemption in cases of mandatory vaccine administration.

Proposed legislation will allow parents to claim a philosophical belief exemption to such mandates, but still permit the MD Commissioner of Health to keep non-vaccinated children out of school and/or daycare in cases of a public health outbreak of the illness associated with the vaccine.

14. Ban Pamper's Products

Ban Pampers Products.
Pampers/Proctor & Gamble has started a controversial ad campaign promoting tetanus shots through Unicef. They are donating .05 cents from the sale of their diapers and wipes, with a *Target* of giving 45 millions neonatal tetanus shots to pregnant women, mostly in poor, underdeveloped countries.

Tetanus shots are dangerous, and the adjuvants in them are known to cross the placenta and brain barriers. It is my intention for P&G to stop this damaging campaign that may contribute to harming pregnant women, with these controversial shots, as well as the potential to harm their unborn babies, with birth defects, spontaneous abortions, and possible stealth ingredients to sterilize, hidden in these tetanus shots. That has happened in the past and is well documented!
NOTE: More men than women contract tetanus. And if consenting adults want to get a normal tetanus shot, at least let the pregnant women give birth before offering these free vaccines. Free is a shoddy way to Mandate global vaccinations!. Uninformed is not truthful consent.
Give them the opportunity to know and understand the Full Information/insert label warnings, cautions, side effects etc., in order for them to make that "Informed" Choice and decision

Proctor & Gamble does not apprear to be overly concerned about popular opinion with this current and controversial vaccine ad campaign, as per their nebulous response to me that they feel they are doing a good thing. Their timing with this campaign is not good, giving the growing concern about vaccine dangers, efficacy, injuries, autism and deaths. In their continued progression of this campaign, with what they say is their interest in saving women and babies, they may well be doing their part in contributing to harming and killing 45 million pregnant women and/or their unborn children.
Unicef's other various vaccine programs, may contribute to harming millions more.

It is the feeling of this petitioner that P&G could be spending those donations in a more positive, purposeful light. That being: donations to research for autism spectrum, vaccine dangers/injury awareness, and information about rights NOT to vaccinate. Or to give these pregnant women, food, vitamens, better water sources and sanitation, as well as prenatal care.
At the very least, give THEM diapers and wipes, NOT Vaccines!
Vaccines are an iffy science, with little proof that they protect against any disease. With vaccines components given unnaturally thru vaccines, the studies are poor in understanding damages that can occur. and the adjuvants in them that can cause adverse reactions, especially in infants, such as encephalitis, seizures, serious site infections and other life-long neurological and autoimmune diseases, not to mention the high incidents of vaccine-induced infant mortality.

The tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, Not Decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccines. Read Link.

Tetus Shot adjuvant: What is in a Tetanus vaccine?
Read Link.

What Unicef is giving is called Neonatal tetanus vaccines. They are not even the standard tetanus shot one gets after stepping on a rusty nail. More info on these.

*So SIGN this petition Today, to help stop this horrific Pampers promotion, and by Banning Pamper's sale of diapers and wipes, and other products.
Below is the link to Protor & Gamble's currant Ad promo running in the media. It offers a Thermometer that tells how these sales are growing, per million.
Tell everyone you know to stop buying Pampers as well. Pass this petition along to any interested Groups you link with. Would like for this to become a very Big anti-promotion campaign.
Proctor & Gamble needs to hear from all of us. Leave your comments if you care to. We need to make a difference NOW, before these 45 million tetanus shots start to be dispersed. Thank YOU!

NOTE: this is not a Debate about vaccines or anything else. If you agree with this petition, Sign IT.
If not, Dont sign and leave negative comments.

15. Support for NJ Mandatory Vaccine Conscientious Belief Exemption Legislation

NJCVC provides parents/individuals with awareness, education and resources to support their right to informed vaccination choices in New Jersey.

NJCVC strongly supports legislation (bill A2450, previously A260/S1071) to give parents/individuals the right to a conscientious exemption to mandatory vaccinations (Complete bill's text at: NJCVC strongly opposes mass vaccination mandates, under any circumstances.

NJCVC supports the parents/individuals ' right to freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions and the basic human right to decide which substances, if any, are injected into their bodies and that of their families.

16. Stop a vaccine that leads to wrongful euthanasia of cats

FIV is commonly classified into five different subtypes (A, B, C, D, and E). Subtypes A and B are the predominant subtypes in the United States.

Fel-O-Vax® FIV is an inactivated, dual subtype (based on strains of Petaluma subtype A and Shizuoka subtype D) feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) vaccine.

Currently available antibody-based FIV diagnostic tests (e.g., SNAP® Feline Combo, PetChek® FIV Ab plates, and Western blot) available in the United States and Europe cannot distinguish cats vaccinated with Fel-O-Vax® FIV from FIV-infected cats or from cats that are both vaccinated and infected. Most shelters and other facilities designed to house strays often euthanize cats with positive FIV test results, so previously vaccinated uninfected cats may needlessly undergo euthanasia.

17. Add the Cervical Cancer Vaccine to the National Immunisation Program

A petition to call upon the Prime Minister and all other relevant government officials, to put GARDASIL the cervical cancer vaccine on the national immunisation program.

18. Free Pneumococcal Immunisation

This petition is to get free immunisation for all Australian babies. This disease is life-threatening and children under 2 years of age are at greater risk. This air born bacterial virus has devastating effects, which, include disablement of vision, hearing and developmental delays. Also through Septicaemia they can lose fingers and toes. The vaccine is too expensive for most people in this country - costing at least $144.45 per shot and babies need 3 shots.

My beautiful granddaughter Isabella spent 3 months in Hospital and we are very lucky to have her. She suffered through 9 brain operations and two shunt operations, luckily the second one worked. She is visually impaired and has developmental delays and it all could have been prevented if she had had the vaccine. The whole family network suffers and the ongoing care will continue for years to come. So, please sign my petition and I pray that the Federal Government will listen and provide the vaccine for free. Thank you.

19. Save the Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil is a magnificent animal. It is an endangered animal. It became extinct from the mainland about 600 years ago, due to the arrival of the aboriginals the indigenous people of Australia and the dingos, the arrival of the white people also made a big dint in the devil's populations after the white people brought foxes to Australia. The only place where the dingos and foxes have not conquered is Tasmania. But now, the devils could be gone, never to return by 2015, due to the founding of foxes in Tasmania a few months ago.

The government of Tasmania have agreed to inject a vaccine into the foxes in Tasmania, the vaccine is call immunocontraception. The vaccine tries to convince the immune system to believe that spern and eggs are unwanted invaders, then that will prevent fertilisation.

20. Support H.R. 3741

We, as parents of vaccine-injured children, have developed this petition in an effort to help pass H.R.3741 into law. The enactment of H.R. 3741 will insure that the families and children who have suffered due to vaccination injury will have an opportunity to be compensated for lifelong debilitating illness or death related consequences. These children deserve every chance to be afforded the type of special care and consideration they require. Please support H.R.3741. NOTE: When signing the petition please include your address so that your name may be forwarded to the appropriate state representatives. This information will be used for the purposes of this petition only.

21. Protect America's Health

With the recent threat of a small pox attack from Terrorists organizations, I want the small pox vaccine to be readily available. If you agree that we need to have the vaccine reissued, please sign the petition. Then tell a friend. Let's stand up for our health and safety!