#Human Rights
New Jersey residents
United States of America

NJCVC provides parents/individuals with awareness, education and resources to support their right to informed vaccination choices in New Jersey.

NJCVC strongly supports legislation (bill A2450, previously A260/S1071) to give parents/individuals the right to a conscientious exemption to mandatory vaccinations (Complete bill's text at: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/bills/BillsByNumber.asp). NJCVC strongly opposes mass vaccination mandates, under any circumstances.

NJCVC supports the parents/individuals ' right to freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions and the basic human right to decide which substances, if any, are injected into their bodies and that of their families.

We oppose the mandating of more vaccines in NJ.

We support the passage of A2450 (previously A260/S1071), legislation that will provide a conscientious belief exemption to mandatory vaccination.

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