Presdales School
United Kingdom

Presdales school have made it mandatory to wear the hideous and impractical school coat.

We now have regular coat checks and letters are sent home if you cannot produce a regulation school coat.

At a ridiculous £51.00 for the smallest size you can understand why people are reluctant to buy them !

They also expect you to wear them out side of school, another ridiculous assumption.

We request the removal of the current school coat from the list of mandatory school uniform.

The current school coat is impractical and a nuisance for pupils and parents alike. We propose changing the rules regarding coats so that pupils may wear a plain black or navy coat during the winter months.

It is currently extremely cold and the school coat is by no means warm enough. For those pupils who walk to school a water-proof fleece, which is effectively what the school coat is, is by no means sufficient. The introduction of a rain jacket is also a ridiculous attempt at being practical. Despite being waterproof it offers little warmth.

The school coat is very expensive and is only stocked in John Lewis (£51.00 for a 32” chest). A ridiculous sum of money for a coat worn for only a couple of months a year, if that! As children many of us are constantly growing. Therefore one coat will not suffice for our time at Presdales.

The assumption that we can a wear the coat inside out at weekends is ludicrous as I have already stated it is not warm, practical or at a reasonable price.

All we are asking is for the chance to wear plain black or navy coats and not to have to wear expensive school coats that remain in cupboards for most of the year and take up valuable space in desks, lockers and on pegs for only a few months of the year.

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