#Children's Rights
Butler County Board of Education
United States of America

July 24, 2006

Kids,parents, and teachers alike do not want school uniforms.

Let me begin by saying that I am not fundamentally against uniforms. I am against uniforms being mandated in free public schools.

Private schools are not part of this petition, as they are private and can make their own rules. Therefore, you do not have to attend a private school if you do not agree with their policies, where as you do have to attend a public school.

This policy is not only a direct violation of First Amendment rights to free expression, it violates a parent's right to decide, individually, what is best for their child and their family.

The decision of some parents to send their children to school in uniform is not the problem. The fact that there decision is being imposed on there child without there permission is the problem. Children are being punished and shunned because of minor violations of these uniform policies. In most cases, the selling point of a uniform policy was to avoid this problem, yet it is now being taught and practiced by the educators themselves.

The education of the children has eroded terribly in this country. Yet time and effort is being wasted on whether or not a child's clothing is the right color, or whether or not they are wearing the correct fashion accessory. We need to stop allowing ours, and our parent's rights to freedom to be so easily taken away.

The children themselves will feel like just a number to the teachers with no individuality. A child's clothing is an expression of his/her personality. Nobody wants to go to a school that infringes on their rights and the parents' pocket books with total disregard for the parent and child's feelings in this matter.

I'm absolutely sick and tired of people ridiculously claiming that school uniforms somehow uphold respect and discipline when there is not one shred of evidence that this is the case and plenty to support that it isn't.

Secondly, the equally preposterous statement that they apparently reduce bullying is INSANE. Nowadays, perfectly decent fashionable clothes can be bought at a fraction of the cost to that of a standard blazer. Therefore it's nonsense to suggest that poorer children will get picked on for there supposed "rags" that they apparently wear to school.

I understand that there are bullies out there that will pick on anyone about anything, whether you are wearing walmart brand jeans or a more expensive brand of jeans. Kids have to learn how to deal with these situations, it's just another step in life. And if these bullies cant pick on you about clothing there is always where your family went for spring break, and what kind of car your mom drives. They will always be able to find something, uniforms don't solve that issue even the slightest bit.

In short, I'm taking up this campaign because of the false example and "standards" that are meant to set by wearing uniforms, but mainly because of its complete irrelevance to our society. The idea that teenagers and those even younger should dress and act as mini adults is laughably absurd! So come on, please support this campaign.

Please sign this petition it will be a great help in getting rid of uniforms.

We are against uniforms being mandated in free public schools. It is against our rights to have to wear them and not solving any of the problems they were set to solve. Please go forward with this campaign so we can get out of uniforms.

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