Fremont Unified School District
United States of America

After 27 years of faithful service to the school the fremont unified school district is telling Thelma Russ that she has to go. Her mobile home is over 20 yrs old so it will be destroyed because fremont will not issue any permits to move or relocate a m.h. that old.

The option they gave her is to move to a district owned house that is substandard and she will have to pay $500.00+200+35+175.00 per month. Her SS is 700pm.

This is to show the school board that they cannot just change policy or make an agreement or contract and decide they no longer like it and iregardless of whom it might effect make changes that can destroy someones way of life. This is a person,someones mother,it could as easly have been your mother that they are doing this to.

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