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Community of 22nd & Montrose Sts., Phila.
United States of America

With guidance from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), the Friends have decided that transferring ownership to the Recreation Department provides the best advantages, for several reasons, including:

§ This is a model that has been used successfully at Fitler Square and other similar parks.

§ The Recreation Department would help us with many maintenance tasks, such as sidewalk repair.

§ This structure would give us access to the City’s insurance, so that we do not have to bear that cost ourselves.

§ PHS strongly recommends this model and has funding that we can access only if the Recreation Department assumes ownership.

Thus, under the stewardship of the Department of Recreation, Montrose Park will benefit from the guidance of the Department as the Friends continue with the fundraising efforts and eventual construction phase of the project. As the ultimate goal of the Friends of Montrose Park is to convert these current vacant lots into a community "pocket" park, this ownership transfer would be an early but essential step in helping to achieve that end-goal.

The Friends of Montrose Park are petitioning that at the earliest time possible the lot ownership (located at 22nd & Montrose Sts) be transferred to the Philadelphia Department of Recreation as a necessary step in establishing a park at this location.

By signing this petition, the 22nd and Montrose community will help us convince the Phila. Dept. of Rec, that this transfer should take place as soon as possible and so help us achieve this essential early step.

Sincerely, The Undersigned

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