WES Teachers/District 8/Lorna Taylor

Three teachers from WES have put in for transfer. These innovative, talented, and energetic teachers are Jennifer Carhart, Janice Martin and Stacey Robichaud. Two of these teachers have had to take on a challenging year of a 3/4 MAC class. Instead of just trying to keep up with the workload they've pushed the envelope implementing many new and innovative teaching methods and programs. Unfortunately, after having to deal all year with repetitive complaints from an select few and sensing a general lack of support for their innovative methods, these teachers feel alone in their cause and unappreciated.

These teachers are the foundation for many of the great programs at WES including noon hour activities, 100 day celebrations, french week, math club, math days and many others. Many parents can attest to the fact that these are three great teachers - teachers that their kids love and look up to. Let's make sure they know how much we truly appreciate them. Please sign this petition and if you wish please also post written words of support on the discussion board.

As parents, we support and appreciate the exemplary efforts of our WES teachers, specifically, Jennifer Carhart, Janice Martin and Stacey Robichaud. We sincerely ask that they please re-consider their transfer requests. We pledge to assist them in any way in uncovering and removing any roadblocks they feel are undermining their teaching efforts. We also pledge to continue to work WITH them by working with our children at home, volunteering in class, and providing valuable input and positive re-inforcement. We consider ourselves to be truly lucky to have such dynamic and wonderful teachers who take such a serious and active role in our children's development.

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