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Ever since the popularity of Super Junior in the Philippines, restless fans have been asking and talking about their coming to the Philippines.

Some, like us, are doubting that this is just a rumor. So, here we are asking a petition for everyone to sign so that they can come and visit the said country.

I, Kagami (alias), am asking on the behalf of Super Junior fans here in the Philippines to allow them to visit the said country.

It has been a dream of the fans for their arrival ever since rumors of their coming (but we are still not sure of this). I am making this petition to request for their coming.

We only want as fans for their presence in stage and for just a little glimpse of them live. Please help us and sign this petition for that very simple request.

If they do come, we also want them to visit other parts of the Philippines! Since whenever there are concerts or events held in the Philippines, Manila is usually their venue. But we also want to see them in the other parts of the Philippines! Thank you!

Please sign.

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