#Civil Rights
ACIDplanet's Managers.
United States of America

It has been known to me that DJVortekkx has publicly harassed one of DJ JON DA FONZ's songs thus embarrasing him and all of his congenerates. Furthermore, it's been brought to humanity's attention that this single person can cause the Fifth Holocaust the Bible describes,thus causing the end of the world. DJ JON DA FONZ doesn't want DJVortekkx to insult him, as he is the ruler of a new world order.

Mr. DJ JON DA FONZ wants DJVortekkx to publicly admit that he was wrong and (as a specific regulation imposed by my client) "an ashoel" [sic].

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The Abolish DJVortekkx's songs petition to ACIDplanet's Managers. was written by PEPE CARRERAS and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.

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