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A Petition to reconsider "Caught In A Moment" for the 4th single from the album. We would like "Million Different Ways" instead.

Dear UMG,

We, the fans of Sugababes, feel the decision to make "Caught In A Moment" the 4th single is a bad one. The song is too similar to past released.

The fans are petitioning for reconsideration of "Million Different Ways" or possibly a double a-side.

We think this decision was made in haste and without care for the fans, who purchase these singles. By now most people have the album and it is the hardcore fanbase (us) who buy the singles. We feel we should be given a say.

Each signature is a statement of our concern for the release. Please reconsider releasing this track.

Thank You,
Sugababes fans from around the world.

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