#Animal Rights
me, my parents, hopfully some betta breeders and petstores
United States of America

You know what bettas are, dont you? They are those colorful fish with long fins you see in a small container in a PetStore. The size of the container they live in are only about the size and length of themselves! Now, picture YOU living in a small closet......thats about the same things bettas live in in petstores. Male bettas CAN NOT get along. Often people will bet on who's betta will win when they put the two together. Usually male bettas will fight until death, and sadly, usually both bettas die. Often female bettas get flushed down the toliet, or thrown in a trashcan. That is because they are not as beautiful as the males. (I think they are both beautiful) By signing this form, you will be helping Bettas alot! Your participation is helpful. Thank You!

By signing this, you are helping bettas. Bettas need your help, and YOU might be the one to stop this betta sales when there are bettas who need homes!

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