#City & Town Planning
Billerica Town Manager, Billerica DPW Manager
United States of America

George Brown St. in Billerica is a very heavily traveled road, with many cars travelling well over the speed limit. With the Whipple Road bridge closed, traffic has increased a great deal. Our children must travel this road and attempt to cross it daily to get to and from their bus stops. Our children play in this neighborhood. This street needs sidewalks and a crosswalk to prevent tragedy from happening.

It is well documented that the cars travelling on this road do so at a rate of speed well over the posted limit. One motorcycle officer can not possibly handle the amount of speeders on this road. Many residents of this street have lost pets to accidents involving cars. It is time to make our road safe and protect our children! Three years ago, we residents met with the then Town Manager and expressed our concerns.

We requested a crosswalk and were told it would be "looked into". Three years is long enough to wait!

We, the undersigned, call on the Town Manager of Billerica and the Billerica DPW to install sidewalks and crosswalks on George Brown St. to ensure pedestrian safety and protect our children from speeding cars.

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