#Roads & Transport
CBRM; Cape Breton Regional Municipality

James Street is a small street located in Whitney Pier. There is a senior home located on the corner of Griffin and James Street. The sidewalk is crumbling and making it very dangerous for our seniors to walk on.

The seniors that live on this street all walk or have motorized wheelchairs. James Street has a post office and bus route at the end of the street. The sidewalks are not only beneficial to our neighborhoods many children travelling back and forth to the local elementary school; but necessary for our seniors safety when travelling to and from the doctors, pharmacy etc.

We, the undersigned, call on the CBRM to help rebuild our sidewalks on James Street in Whitney Pier.

Our seniors need your help. Please note that all the names listed below are from Griffin, James Street, Matilda Street, and Dominion Street.

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