MSN is planning on closing most non-moderated chat rooms on Oct. 14, 2003. They will be charging $19.95 a year after Oct. 16, 2003 to anyone who wants to use the chat service that is not already paying for MSN Internet or other services. The majority of the chat users are outraged and do not want the chats to close or to have to pay for chat service.

We, the undersigned users of MSN Chat, wish to let those in charge of this service know that we are highly displeased with the recent decision to close MSN Chats. It is understandable that those in charge wish to get rid of pedophiles and those who abuse the system that is provided free of charge, but for those of us who do not commit any atrocities here, we feel as if we are being punished for misuse by a small number. Many of us use this service to create ways to make new friends, be creative individuals and express our need to enjoy a stress-free environment. Most of us here, use this service to create chat rooms dedicated to online roleplay so that we may interact with others such as ourselves without the boundaries of the tabletop games such as D&D and V:tm (Dungeons And Dragons,Vampire:the masquerade). Taking this service away from us will hinder us in these activities. Paying for this service is not something any of us truly wish to do.

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