Petition Tag - resort

1. We want Aquis Casino to proceed

A petition for Aquis Casino to be given clearance to proceed and commence building in 2014.

2. Our Right to Feel Safe

We are serious about Our Right to Feel Safe in Queensland and we are calling on you to take action.

We feel less safe because criminal behaviour is not sufficiently punished in Queensland.

3. Resolve New Houseman Uniform Conflict

The new mandatory uniform for the Housekeeping- Houseman, has been a "thorn in the side" of each of the following mentioned houseman from the day it was implemented.

We have recieved random insults from fellow employees and some laughs from department managers, and feel completely uncomfortable wearing this uniform.

The insults, snickering, and the feeling of inequality to other employees (due to the new uniform), has risen to the point where many houseman are becoming stressed and embarrassed while working on the job.

In addition, the design of the t-shirt resembles that of the female housekeepers and doesn't represent the Housekeeping department in a flattering or respectiful mannar. We were not given a fair choice for this new uniform and feel it would be unjust to leave this issue unresolved.

4. Protem Committee to Act for Residents/Owners re Common Area matters

May 31, 2006

This petition is to collect signatures of all residents/owners of Bayu Puteri Apartment to appoint the Protem Committee to act on their behalf in any communication with the Management/Developer related to the defects, complaints, etc of Bayu Puteri utilities in the common area.

5. Stop Dolphin Facility at Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas

November 19, 2005

Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas has plans to operate a dolphin facility in the very near future and they are already building the pens necessary for this. More than likely their dolphins will be sourced from the wild.

There is scientific evidence that suggests capturing dolphins is undeniably stressful and removing them from their natural habitat can be detrimental to their populations. Additionally, there is no benefit biologically, educationally or geographically to Dolphinariums and many dolphins die as a result of being housed in them.

Please write Kerzner's CEO Mr. Butch kerzner and urge him to abandon his dolphin facility.

6. Removal Of Anonymous_Digit

Removing Anonymous_Digit and his bots FOREVER.

We, the undersigned , members of Yahoo Help Chat:1, :2 and :3 ,and those seeking help, hereby request the removal of the individual known as Anonymous_Digit(with various dates behind it)and his bot programs from Yahoo. He has on more then one occasion broken the Terms Of Service of Yahoo and yet Yahoo Inc, in all its wisdom has allowed him to do so, and continues to do so. Due to his antics, many people seeking help, are unable to receive valuable help. If this petition is not effective enough to draw Yahoo Inc's attention, we will have no choice but to resort to legal action.