#Animal Rights

November 19, 2005

Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas has plans to operate a dolphin facility in the very near future and they are already building the pens necessary for this. More than likely their dolphins will be sourced from the wild.

There is scientific evidence that suggests capturing dolphins is undeniably stressful and removing them from their natural habitat can be detrimental to their populations. Additionally, there is no benefit biologically, educationally or geographically to Dolphinariums and many dolphins die as a result of being housed in them.

Please write Kerzner's CEO Mr. Butch kerzner and urge him to abandon his dolphin facility.

Please do not to proceed with your planned dolphin facility. The removal of dolphins from the wild can be detrimental to their populations and social groupings, even affecting how many dolphins will remain in any one geographical area. Scientific studies have proven that wild dolphin capture and containment is destructive to dolphin populations globally.

Please reconsider the dolphin facility in favour of a more environmentally friendly entertainment alternative.

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