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1. Fight Against Rising Transportation Spending

Tired of price gouging at the gas pumps? Is the rising cost of fuel hurting your bottom-line? Want to be heard? Join our cause and pledge to boycott gas purchases on Wednesday, October 31st.

Go to our Facebook Page and Like us for more details. This is only the beginning citizens. Act now and join us at

2. Drop The Bank Debt. Dont bail out the banks at the expense of society

Please support this as it can help everyone and hurt no one. The cuts are due to the debts caused by the banks failing and they are hurting society in a very serious manner.

The banks failed in their own eyes and by their own standards. Yet we are bailing them out at great expense and harm to ourselves. Our social infrastructure and societys across the world are being harmed. It is not necessary. If we Drop The Debt no lives will be lost no one will die and no buildings will disappear.

These debts are just marks on a piece of paper, cyphers in a computer. The Banks dont have and never did have the money we are paying them, they cant loose what they never had. As we pay the debt we harm every school and hospital every social structure and every family and every job. No one is free of the harm. They did not have the money they are asking us to repay. So if they didn't have it, why are we paying it back?

No matter what wealth is, its in the people and their work, not the banks, but when these said banks bankrupt themselves, one way or another, we get to pay. Their wealth is our work. Now their "fictional" debts are paid with our real work and lives. Economics is not like physics or chemistry, it is not a science. It is invented and shaped only by humans. We can shape it any way we want. If the nature of our economics is hurting us then we can simply change the nature of those economics. We have that power.

Banks wont be damaged by Dropping The Debt because to the banks the wealth is virtual, it is flickers on a screen, not like a house or food or cars or anything real, produced by work. They will not loose anything they actually had. No houses will disappear, no schools will close, no roads will go un-fixed, Nothing real would be lost. So when the banks change society for the worse because they messed up we could simply Drop The Debt. Remember wealth is not created by the banks but by people, by our work. The banks only create debt.

Banks are a private business. They exist to, and do, make vast profits for themselves at our expense. If they mess up its nothing to do with us. We owe them no loyalty. We should not be hurting society to give them "back" money that they never actually had. We can change that. So I urge you to Drop The Debt.

We did it before with third world countries and it worked very well, no one died, and lives were improved across the globe. Lets do it again.

Please support this as it can help everyone and hurt no one.

3. Legalize It

Legalization of marijuana should take place in the state of Florida reasons for this are many profits generated could help support education, roads and highways, and even help public funds for food stamps.

Statistics show 20% of all Americans smoke weed this shows there is money to be made the product could be taxed and sold where cigarettes are sold.

Facts show the following:
1. It is not addictive
2. It does not cause over dose
3. It is natural
4. Is much less harmful than ciggarettes
5.Has strong support
6. Many powerful and influential people in the U.S. have used it
7. It stave's off Alzheimer’s
8. Marijuana helps with: Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Meditation, Eating Disorders
9. Marijuana has been around since ancient times
10. Marijuana does NOT cause violent behavior
This should be plenty enough reasons to support my thoughts and I think many will agree.

4. Exempt Not-For-Profits From Governor Paterson's MTA Mobility Tax

In 2009, the NYS Legislature enacted a budget that included a hastily planned Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Mobility Tax aimed at curing the Authority's deficit. The MTA tax imposes a 0.34 percent payroll tax on businesses within the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) and does not distinguish between not-for-profits, many of which are funded primarily with public funds, and for-profit businesses. Now the Legislature is considering increasing the tax for New York City businesses to .54 percent, as proposed in the Governor’s Executive Budget. The consequences of this tax will be a reduction in the amount of funding the human services sector will have to deliver essential services to the public.

The MTA tax has had a drastic impact on nonprofits. Unlike for-profit businesses, they do not have profit margins to pay for this additional cost. And now the Governor has proposed increasing that tax, at a time when nonprofits can least afford yet another burden on their already overstretched budgets. The consequences of this tax will be a reduction in the amount of funding the nonprofit sector will have to deliver essential services to the public.

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) urges the NYS Legislature to exempt nonprofits from the MTA mobility payroll tax.

5. Stop ruthless Insurance Law

Insurance agents are given dreams by the insurance companies. More than 95 % lose their agency before the expiry of the 5 years mandatory service as an agent. And there is no renewal commission for these 95%.

There is a simple strategy being adopted by the insurance companies of "Hire and Fire" and get business and make huge profits by not paying the renewal commission.

No one seems to take notice.

Is it justice??

6. Stop Thames Water reducing water pressure

As part of Thames Water's so-called 'Network Improvement Programme', they are continuously reducing the water pressure to our homes in order to reduce the number of leaks they have topay to repair.

Thames Water weasel out of their responsibility by stating they have no legal requirement to deliver water to individual properties, just to buildings at street level.

Homes occupying the third floor and higher are now finding their water pressure is so low that combi-boilers won't work - so no central heating or hot water. Private homeowners are having to pay thousands of pounds to install booster pumps, or buy costly new boilers and water tanks which take up a great deal of space.

Thames Water is a foreign-owed monopoly so we have no choice of supplier. Their job surely is to supply water to consumers who have to use their services - not simply to make vast profits. I'm happy to pay a fair price for utilities, but resent being held hostage by a careless monopoly.

7. Stop The High Price Of Gas

We ask you to put a stop to the high prices of gas and heating oils. The oil companies are making record profits and this must stop now.

8. Impeach Bush

Impeach Bush for his lies and his attack on our air, water, parks, refuges, rights, oceans, wild life and wildlands to help large corporations make bigger profits. Impeach Bush for pushing bills that make tax payers pay to clean up the pollutors messes.

Impeach Bush to save our country. Impeach Bush to stop the lies and his control over what news we get to see on TV. Stop Bush from selling out our country's most precious treasures to Big Oil and Big Timber. Bush says he will stop forest fires by letting the timber companies cut down the forests, yet only 2% of the area to be clear cut is high risk for fires. Stop Bush's false statements, phony names for legislation like "Clear Skies Bill" Which only means he is allowing more pollution to be pumped into the environment, and people think because of the name it is a good bill.

Stop watching the TV for the truth, it is not there anymore. Bush's dad still works for the Saudi's and the family of BIN LADEN, do you really believe they would destroy that relationship which makes them millions to catch the son or brother of these guys. Get realistic.

9. Stop Insurance Companies From Putting Profits Ahead Of People

Every year insurance companies routinely deny plan participants from receiving lifesaving treatments, medications, and procedures. We pay our monthly premiums, choose doctors based on plan coverage, meet deductibles, and complete all the paperwork insurance companies require. We do this believing that our insurance will be there in a crisis.

However, too often the one person who makes the decision at the insurance company disregards the medical evidence and denies us treatment. Please help us by coming together to stop insurance companies from putting profits ahead of people.