Thames Water
United Kingdom

As part of Thames Water's so-called 'Network Improvement Programme', they are continuously reducing the water pressure to our homes in order to reduce the number of leaks they have topay to repair.

Thames Water weasel out of their responsibility by stating they have no legal requirement to deliver water to individual properties, just to buildings at street level.

Homes occupying the third floor and higher are now finding their water pressure is so low that combi-boilers won't work - so no central heating or hot water. Private homeowners are having to pay thousands of pounds to install booster pumps, or buy costly new boilers and water tanks which take up a great deal of space.

Thames Water is a foreign-owed monopoly so we have no choice of supplier. Their job surely is to supply water to consumers who have to use their services - not simply to make vast profits. I'm happy to pay a fair price for utilities, but resent being held hostage by a careless monopoly.

We, the undersigned, call on Thames Water to stop reducing the pressure of mains water in order to cut the number of leaks they have to repair.

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