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Dr Jordan B Peterson is a Canadian born Clinical Psychologist, Jordan's world wide work in helping all peoples to improve their lives does not receive the recognition it truly deserves. Jordan is wrongly and purposely misrepresented by many as being on the extremist right wing, this is not the case and is a lie. This issue should be addressed by recognising his work in helping people the world over, this through his online lectures, his public lectures and in his published books, many of which are best sellers. Mr Peterson's true motives are to assist in helping people to have more fulfilling lives by taking on their individual responsibilities first, and thereby improving the worlds population's in general. Jordan is endeavouring to teach people and by example that answers to political and social problems are not to be found in ideological identity grouping, where many separate themselves off into their own ideological tribes. He believes this to be divisive and instead he promotes the individual taking presidency over the group. I truly believe that it is time for Jordan's impressive and peaceful work to be recognised by having him nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I truly hope you agree with me and will spread the word and sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, sincerely believe that Dr. Jordan B Peterson, should be nominated for The Nobel Peace prize for his outstanding work in bringing peace to the lives of many, through his Clinical Psychological teaching techniques.

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